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The Hebrew Program at the University of Oklahoma includes six semesters of classroom coursework delving into the fundamentals, vocabulary, and grammar, all the way up to advanced conversation, reading, and writing. Students from all academic disciplines at OU are invited to learn Hebrew. The Hebrew Program is required or strongly recommended for many programs, such as: The bachelor’s degree in Judaic and Israel Studies; The minor in Judaic Studies; The bachelor’s and the minor in International Security Studies; and the bachelor’s in Middle Eastern Studies. The Hebrew Program is also a component of the Religious Studies Program. Students may minor in Hebrew, strengthening their position for the job market or further academic studies, and providing them with opportunities for many scholarships open to Hebrew minors. The size of the program facilitates individual attention from the faculty, and builds strong camaraderie among classmates in Hebrew courses. Students may also enroll in Independent Study, Honors Reading, Honors Research, and much more. Details can be found elsewhere on this site, as well as the OU Catalog.
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